After a hot sunny day yesterday, today was overcast, rainy - thunderstorms and scattered showers. That didn't stop us from getting out on the town.

Harry got a share-bike from one of the city bike stands and used it to pick up the bimini at the sailmaker. He said it had electric assist and went up to 20 mph. Fun! $5 for the first hour, then $.20 for each minute after. The bimini repair was a work of art and expensive ($700 Can) but will not have to be replaced soon, only when we were planning to do it any in 2 - 3 years.

This afternoon we walked the perimeter of Old Quebec along the ramparts from Montmorency Park all the way around -> Artillery Park, Porte St Jean, Porte Kent, Citadelle, to the Dufferin Terrace and closed the circle back at Montmorency Park. 5+ miles. Views, history, thunderstorms. Super burger and fries lunch at Trois Garcons on Rue St Jean.

More thunderstorms in the evening, but a fantastic fireworks display just before 10. For us! Why else?