Harry dropped off the bimini at the sailmaker this morning. It will be ready for us tomorrow.

Now, on to explore Quebec City! We started in the Petit Champlain area first, walking the narrow cobblestone streets. We had lunch outside - poutine that was not as good as the one we had in Montreal, but excellent, though expensive, local hard cider.

After lunch, we climbed up to Old Quebec and wandered the parks and streets. On the terrace in front of the Frontenac Hotel, we watched an acrobat do her show. She was really fun so we gave a nice donation.

Temporary parking restriction signs indicate that Pope Francis will be here in a couple of days (7/27 - 29). How exciting and good that we'll be gone a few days before!

After dinner, we met three guys on the boat docked across from us. They are from Toronto and on their way to circumnavigate Newfoundland. They are moving faster than we are so we may not meet up, but, maybe.