Late this morning we embarked on what would end up being a 4+ mile hike from the marina to the overlook at Mont Royal Park. I think it was supposed to be 3.6 miles but we took a nicer way through Vieux Montreal when we started. It was hot Maryland summer. The walk ended up with 1200 feet of elevation change from the marina to the overlook. Kati was having a hard time keeping her temper with Bruce stopping and stalling throughout. So, once we got up there and took a few pics, we called an Uber to take us back.

An older guy, Bruno, picked us up in his pet-friendly Uber minivan and the talked our ears off on the way back about history...Montreal (interesting) and other places (digressing), but didn't answer specific Montreal history questions posed to him. Oh well, you meet all sorts of folks riding Ubers.

In the evening (10 - 10:30), there was an epic fireworks display. It was launched from Ile Ste Helene over the water over the Jacques Cartier Bridge, so we had a great view from the marina. This was a Canadian offering in the International Fireworks Competition held every summer (except 2020 and 2021) in Montreal. 9 nights of fireworks from June thru August. It was spectacular, rivalling anything DC has done for July 4th. Musical accompaniment and commentary (in French, so oh well) on one of the local radio stations - 105.7. WOW. See photos taken by Harry. Kati's iPhone takes lousy nighttime photos.