We stayed an extra day in Prescott because we were ahead of schedule and it was so nice here.

There were signs for a Saturday farmers market and we went with expectations of the great farmers market we stumbled on in Nyack last summer. Not so here. It was just a few stands with no baked goods or cheeses, just some veggies. We bought salad greens, spinach, and local maple syrup. Then we walked to the park on the west end of town where there was a beach, pool, playground, etc. Scuba instruction was going on at the scuba area east of the Coast Guard station.

In the afternoon, we walked over and toured Fort Wellington. It was interesting, with exhibits on the War of 1812 and a failed Canadian rebellion in 1838. Not near as big or impressive as Fort Stanwix in Rome NY.

In the evening, we went to the opening night of Twelfth Night, the first play in this year's St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival. The play was at the little outdoor amphitheater near the marina. It was well done, accented with great music performances of recent rock songs that work well in the plot. Support the local arts!