Harry and the harbormaster communicated enough - English, French, pantomime - to ask about getting diesel. A diesel truck was coming to the harbor for a fishing boat and, after a bit of hesitation (something about us being a pleasure boat), they agreed to fill us up too. Great price for these days - $4.68 US/gal. Harry paid our $12 per night for 2 nights.

We spent the day cleaning the boat. Cockpit, transom, dinghy, head, defrost the freezer, vacuum the interior, refill water tanks.

We bought delicious fresh cod at the local fish market (poissonnerie). We wanted to buy lobster at $11.50C/lb cooked and have them cook it for us for dinner but we waited until too close to their closing time and they couldn't cook it. But the cod was a more than adequate substitute. More expensive than lobster ($15.95C/lb) but $21C got us enough for 2 dinners each. Ready for a long run tomorrow.