Overnight, the winds and waves picked up significantly, as predicted. We woke to rocking and rolling and howling and gray skies. The first trip out to shore in the dinghy was challenging and wet but not as bad as the later trips in the day.

We took a walk up toward the Havre Amherst end of the harbor to see if there was room to move Circe from the exposed anchorage where we currently sit. Not at this point, there are 10 boats in Havre Amherst and not much room for anyone else. The plan is to come back later in the afternoon, count the boats again, and if anyone leaves, we move in.

After the morning walk, the rolling and howling got worse. Kati didn't feel well in the swells and just laid around most of the middle of the day.

In the afternoon, we went back ashore to walk and look at the harbor. We walked up to the cross on the hill that overlooks the town of Havre Aubert. What a view! Spectacular even with the gray skies. And the wind up there was even stronger than the 35 knot gusts we were experiencing at ground/sea level.

A boat had left Havre Amherst, so we moved Circe in after the walk. Driving thru the wind and waves was a chore. We can't imagine slogging like this all the way to Newfoundland!

Things should die down by tomorrow, then one more day of Iles fun, then the crossing to Newfoundland on Friday.