8/29 - St Pierre

Saint-Pierre  • 
A day of exploring, housekeeping, and food. First, the bakery to get fresh butter croissants for breakfast and bread for lunch. Then grocery shopping at the big supermarket, which was meh. Some interesting stuff, not much. A big, very swoopy catamaran - a Gunboat 68 - came in to dock on the wharf ac...

8/20 - Port aux Basques

Port aux Basques, NL  • 
Saturday was a day of rest and recovery in Port aux Basques. We met and got great Newfoundland info from Henry on the the blue Hylas docked in front of us – Rocky Rhode from RI. They had been to NL a number of times and made recommendations for stops along the south coast. Groceries and laundry done...

Mileage, times, and schedule

Port aux Basques, NL  • 
8/19/2022: 10:15 AM - 1:30 PM Cap aux Meules to Old Harry. 24 miles. 4:00 PM Depart from Old Harry 8/20/2022: 5:45 AM Atl (6:15 AM NL) Arrive at Port aux Basques, NL. 100 miles. 11.75 hours. Watch Schedule: 4 PM - 7 PM: Kati. Harry was on deck 4 - 4:30 and 6:30 - 7 for dinner. 7 PM - 10 PM: Harry. 1...

8/17 - Sitting it out in Havre Aubert

Havre Aubert Island, Iles de la Madeleine, QC  • 
Overnight, the winds and waves picked up significantly, as predicted. We woke to rocking and rolling and howling and gray skies. The first trip out to shore in the dinghy was challenging and wet but not as bad as the later trips in the day. We took a walk up toward the Havre Amherst end of the harbo...

8/13 - Exploring Charlottetown

Charlottetown, PEI  • 
Today, we stayed in town. We walked the waterfront all the way from our marina to Victoria Park, then back through town to the bookstores near Confederation Court. Kati got a new crossword book - oh joy! In the afternoon, we stopped at the market at Lobsters on the Wharf and got two 1.25 pound lobst...

8/12 - Exploring PEI

Charlottetown, PEI  • 
Today was a whirlwind tour of the island...or at least some interesting parts that we could get to in a day. PEI is about the size of Delaware so its small but not really possible to do the whole island in one day. We hit the road in our super cute zippy little car after breakfast. First stop was th...

8/8 - "Lay day" in Ste Therese de Gaspe

Ste Therese de Gaspe, QC  • 
Harry and the harbormaster communicated enough - English, French, pantomime - to ask about getting diesel. A diesel truck was coming to the harbor for a fishing boat and, after a bit of hesitation (something about us being a pleasure boat), they agreed to fill us up too. Great price for these days -...

Timetable 8/7

Ste Therese de Gaspe, QC  • 
10:00 Leave Pointe St Pierre 11:30 - 2:50 Ile Bonaventure 2:50 - 3:15 to Perce 3:15 - 5:00 Perce 6:45 Arrive in Ste Therese de Gaspe

Touring Around - 7/21

Quebec City, QC  • 
After a hot sunny day yesterday, today was overcast, rainy - thunderstorms and scattered showers. That didn't stop us from getting out on the town. Harry got a share-bike from one of the city bike stands and used it to pick up the bimini at the sailmaker. He said it had electric assist and went up t...

Touring Around - 7/20

Quebec City, QC  • 
Harry dropped off the bimini at the sailmaker this morning. It will be ready for us tomorrow. Now, on to explore Quebec City! We started in the Petit Champlain area first, walking the narrow cobblestone streets. We had lunch outside - poutine that was not as good as the one we had in Montreal, but e...

Touring Around - 7/16

Montreal, QC  • 
Late this morning we embarked on what would end up being a 4+ mile hike from the marina to the overlook at Mont Royal Park. I think it was supposed to be 3.6 miles but we took a nicer way through Vieux Montreal when we started. It was hot today...like Maryland summer. The walk ended up with 1200 fee...

Touring Around - 7/15

Montreal, QC  • 
Touring around Old Montreal (Vieux Montreal) and the Old Port (Vieux Port) today. We started at the Old Port and walked down the wharfside to Rue Saint Pierre, then turned up into town. Along the Place D'Youville past the obelisk commemorating the founders of Montreal, to the history museum. Harry w...

Saturday, 7/9 - Prescott

Prescott, Ontario  • 
We stayed an extra day in Prescott because we were ahead of schedule and it was so nice here. There were signs for a Saturday farmers market and we went with expectations of the great farmers market we stumbled on in Nyack last summer. Not so here. It was just a few stands with no baked goods or che...

6/28 - Oswego

Oswego, New York  • 
We spent the afternoon touring around Oswego with Dave and Susan. We went to their local marine museum and the schooner project Dave is working on. Then, after a tour thru his alma mater, SUNY Oswego, we stopped at a beach on Lake Ontario where we were supposed to eat at Rudy's, an iconic lakeside d...

6/27 - Oswego Marina & Fort Ontario

Oswego, New York  • 
On Monday morning, as soon as the lock opened, we were thru lock O8. There was one boat ahead of us at Oswego Marina for mast-stepping, our friends from Montreal on Visionaire. We tied up along the wall and waited a bit. The mast stepping was done quickly and professionally by a 2-person crew and Ha...

Locks Timeline - 6/23

Sylvan Beach, New York  • 
E21 New London 3:45 E22 Sylvan Beach 4:15

Locks Timeline - 6/22

Rome, New York  • 
E19 Frankfort 10:25 E20 Whitesboro 1:40

Locks Timeline - 6/21

Ilion, New York  • 
E17 Little Falls 11:10 E18 Jacksonburg 12:45

Lock Timeline - 6/20

St Johnsville, New York  • 
E11 Amsterdam 10:05 E12 Tribes Hill 10:45 E13 Yosts 12:25 E14 Canajoharie 1:45 E15 Fort Plain 2:15 E16 St Johnsville 4:05

Locks Timeline - 6/19

Amsterdam, New York  • 
E8 Scotia 10:45 E9 Rotterdam 11:45 E10 Cranesville 12:50

Waterford Flight - 6/18

Rexford, New York  • 
The times of the locks making up the Waterford Flight, the beginning of the Erie Canal. E2 Waterford 10:00 (there is no E1) E3 Waterford 10:30 E4 Waterford 10:45 E5 Waterford 11:05 E6 Crescent 11:18

Second Day in Catskill, 6/16/22

Catskill, New York  • 
Due to the windy weather, the mast could not be pulled today, so we had to hang out here in Catskill an extra day. We took advantage by prepping some more for the mast pull, doing laundry, cooking, and taking an afternoon walk into the town of Catskill. Nice little used book shop called Magpie Books...

Today's Timeline

Nyack, New York  • 
6:20 Depart Sandy Hook NJ 7:30 Verrazano Narrows Bridge 8:20 The Battery 9:30 GW Bridge 10:20 - 1:40 Anchored at Alpine in Palisades Park 3:00 Tappan Zee (M. Cuomo) Bridge 3:20 Nyack Boat Club